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FH me spamme - a sense eulogy # 01

i am fuck up tired here of this gang of artist who block the flow for the / i see, it sweet, thanks to sweet, licorice is full of hormones, chew licorice and soja beans, for becoming woman again. i lost my virginity. porno are beast how dere you so fun, they me beast, crazy! comon, pfffffffff ya basta de ce mec, y lm pompe, tu viens? so you what i have done that you dont like, i think its that i have sent a text to glenn which were written about objects and subjects in a non deleuzian but ostya outlook. does it is the thing which is there to tell you that it is not what is the thing that you want from me. what can i do to please and appear as nietsche prophecy, becoming who you are? what do you think og of this prophecy. isnit tru sometimes that art is a block for becoming? i write horrible words there “block”, its not block its wall, art is a club ai don’t know i am five, i have never been to school l’enfant, je suis l’enfant, pas la nti spoannsclez, je suis pas l anti scopl b sv dipe j arrive pas bori!ng it put more action to put yes, sometimes they are better i am so mellow i d f melt on you if you dont wake me up in your legs of horses, i d fall aslleep, my mouth of horse try to lick you in vain ah its too byron in the turner, byron turnered by kerouak into milkovsky, and tourgeniev sister the lunatic, i identified in being actually this charming woman, at her mom’s party doing dinner. cranberry, figues candles, thre or four james joyce in a row, cloned arythmical synthaxicolage. you know play, i try to play, but i am not a good player, as you see. your to pleay with a nihilisy, or valuable nihilnil euphrate.z parle pour moi dis moi ce que tu pesnes j auraus pas du te croquer les cartes , belette crapette.its your byron, he s crazy, forget byron. ok forget art, you shall not be in his company for a while, if hes the ghost, the other is in the cabin in the boat and i have not time, sorry , you, make yourself a reasen i cannot help help you. you ask the impossible of me, can you come and see me tommorow?/. ciao.