Creuser le noir corporate et en faire sortir une lumière, une vérité blafarde sur tous ces suckers.


Quand Jackie rencontre Missy
Casseur vs Casseuse #1
by EJ Steady Stan

J : from the invisible inside
M : When I pull up in my whip
J : a crural vein expell my blood outside
M : In these muthafuckas eyes did you see it?
J : once the vein has been found, no more toil, no responsibility
M : I heard the bitch got hit with three zebras and a monkey

And the coloured boyz go :

Musi ques
I sews on bews
I pues a twos on que zat !
Pue zoo,
My kizzer,
Pous zigga ay zee !
Its all kizza.
Its always like,
Its all kizza.
Its always like,
Na zound
Wa zee
Wa zoom zoom zee !

(© J.Derrida - Missy Eliott)