Creuser le noir corporate et en faire sortir une lumière, une vérité blafarde sur tous ces suckers.


sexy pop stars threaten childhood

warm club introduced by the needed singer
girls being social beings
sexual sad ideal skirt
to the infants of exams
important perils fro Britney to fashion her children's ethos

projected bad academic girls
eroded in prevailing little fact from the 1980s
if aggressive excesses
seems everything to consequent girl
eroded short childhood liberal sex
and exams raunchy for youngsters
more drugs pressures 'cool' outrageous videos

pop thing facing more social despair
'cool' and people adopted the down curbing
threaten that she's the 1970s
the the the the the pop to breakdown
promote the ethos and follow
much 1980s today
threatened of children growing
peril skirts being sexual
primary girl to have pop
outrageous videos prevailing and might label bad girls meant for nine
young primary plans
raunchy damaged liberal smoking anything that primary breakdown
childhood infants

dumbing Britney grow laid drugs
infants image designer
Kylie cannot control her academic self
pop stars dressing and such
warned into stars
violence to pop skirts
youngsters growing label of social ethos
teenagers and youngsters enforcement culture

academics have everything that lack people
alcohol sex
smoking curbing
their threatened country of stars
and pop fast
anything young like innocence singer
childhood policies filled you Mr
other social erosion standards against the excesses
and enforcement of threatened self
ideal you up the sex