Creuser le noir corporate et en faire sortir une lumière, une vérité blafarde sur tous ces suckers.


Vomit Culture.

culture which regurgitates itself.
cnn covering films which have embedded commercials between commercials on
capital feeds on capital.
there are no disruptions.
human beings are transitive objects among the assignation of monies passed
off as goods.
what is the exchange value of a human.
pure flow harbors no use value and continues as energetically maintained
the streams are maintained by other streams.
the streams feed into themselves and each other.
the world is awash with capital which fills and fulfills all ecological
every extinction of a plant or animal is replaced by a product.
every obsolete product is replaced by a surfeit of products.
capital gnaws on itself and is maintained by solar energy.
solar energy transforms into consumption.
the sun consumes itself.
vomit culture.

Alan Sondheim