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A. Hype

1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion: the hype surrounding the murder trial.

2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material: “It is pure hype, a gigantic PR job” (Saturday Review).

3. An advertising or promotional ploy: “Some restaurant owners in town are cooking up a $75,000 hype to promote New York as ‘Restaurant City, U.S.A.’” (New York).

4. Something deliberately misleading; a deception: “ [He] says that there isn't any energy crisis at all, that it's all a hype, to maintain outrageous profits for the oil companies” (Joel Oppenheimer). Source: The American Heritage Hype ©˜ Shortening and alteration of hypodermic.

B. Hype

1. A hypodermic injection, syringe, or needle.

2. A drug addict. Source: The American Heritage Hipe Hipe, n. Also Hype

C. Hype [Etym. uncertain.] (Wrestling) A throw in which the wrestler lifts his opponent from the ground, swings him to one side, knocks up his nearer thigh from the back with the knee, and throws him on his back. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. "